Introducing CryptoArt Week Asia (CAWA)

Singapore and the Metaverse 20-30 January 2021

CryptoArt Week Asia (CAWA) is a not-for-profit, artist-first endeavor - we aim to strengthen and forge bonds within the Asian artist community, expose the general public and potential investors in Asia to the cryptoart scene, and to promote Asian-based artists in Asia and abroad.

CAWA takes place from 20-30 January 2021 in Singapore and virtually in the metaverse, at various galleries on Decentraland and Cryptovoxels.

Asia is under-represented in cryptoart. While the majority transactions on the Ethereum blockchain happen in Asia, while very little of that is in art. Many Asian artists have not even heard of NFTs, and the barriers to entry are still too confusing. Many Western collectors have had little exposure to Asian crypto creativity up until now.

CAWA is a decentralised, artist-first, platform-agnostic, event - ultimately everyone should benefit – through sales, new artists being introduced, though public awareness and through a more vibrant cryptoart community. CAWA is aimed at artists living and creating in Asia, not ethnicity. The aim is to build a stronger art cryptoart scene in Asia. Anyone is permitted to put on an event or host a showing so long as it meets our Code of Conduct. Reach out on Discord for more information and to get your gallery or event listed.

Though in no way affiliated, we aim to capitalize on the heightened art awareness in Singapore, by running in parallel with Singapore Art Week. Our HQ in Singapore will be the beautiful and cool Kult Yards, near China Town. Known for it's connection to the underground music and art scene. We will be projecting all the artworks on the weekends of the 22/23 and 29/30 January.

If you have a gallery in the metaverse and like to offer your space to exhibit please get in touch. and chat with us on Discord.

Help artists mint and CAWA cover our costs by donating here:



Singapore CAWA Showing

Friday January 22, 7-10pm SGT
Kult Yard

Singapore CAWA Showing

Saturday January 23, 7-10pm SGT
Kult Yard
Zardoz Club Opening

Zardoz Club Opening

Zardoz Club Cryptovoxels
Gallery opening event: CAWA + Zardoz Gallery Tour + DJ Session
Sunday January 24, 8pm SGT
Zardoz Club

NFTBLack/CAWAVR. Anarkey X. Doki Doki

Wed January 28, 10PM SGT
Cryptovoxels Tokyo City

Masia One & ALX

Friday January 29, 10PM SGT
Nusantara Records

Singapore CAWA Showing

Friday January 29, 7-10pm SGT
Kult Yard

Participating Galleries:

2 Bogie Lane Kindly sponsored by NFT Black

How can you get involved:

For platforms

  • Use your metaverse gallery spaces on Decentraland and Cryptovoxels to feature Asian-based artists who are already on your platform
  • Introducing us to Asian-based artists on your platform so we can feature them
  • Write a feature or blog post highlighting Asian-based artists on your platform
  • Do an Asian-based artist drop
  • Fast track onboarding some Asian-based artists onto your platform
  • Volunteer to speak virtually at one of the events
  • Sponsoring minting
  • Promote CAWA on your social platforms
  • Activate your collector network
  • Donate ETH: 0x1EA65a3cbf739564dad1F073f12Dd6C1673c1DB6

For virtual landowners and gallery spaces

  • Spread the love by using your space for the week to show off artists work.
  • organize an event in your gallery. Launch an album. Do a drop. Have a party. Do something crazy.
  • Promote like crazy to your network.

For Artists:

  • If you are an Asian-based artist you can apply here:
  • Spread the word, and get your friends involved. Come and hang out on our Discord server.
  • Make some new art and mint it on one of the participating platforms
  • Find an artist on Discord and do a collaboration.
  • Promote your work and the galleries on social media and get sales.

For Crypto Fans/Investors/Collectors:

  • Sponsor artists’ gas fee, physicals or prizes. The Gas fee pool wallet is here: Donate ETH: 0x1EA65a3cbf739564dad1F073f12Dd6C1673c1DB6.
  • Build up hype and awareness and support the artists.
  • Get other friends/collectors/startups/businesses involved.
  • Donate to our running costs: 0x1EA65a3cbf739564dad1F073f12Dd6C1673c1DB6
  • Donate so we can open a permanent CAWA gallery: 0x1EA65a3cbf739564dad1F073f12Dd6C1673c1DB6.

A big thank you to the following partners: