Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA) was founded with the vision of raising the profile of artists and crypto art in Asia. We also promote Asian-based artists by introducing them to galleries, platforms, collectors and potential patrons.

CAWA '22 is coming September 2022!!
More announcements soon!

Announcing Crypto Art Week Asia 2022 Artist Open Call

:IRL / Imaginable Realities

Call for artists to participate in Crypto Art Week Asia, to be held across Asia from 24th September 2022.

For this year’s Crypto Art Week Asia, we aim to use crypto to build the next generation of large-scale physical art experiences. We are looking for proposals that push the boundaries of what new media art and crypto art experiences can be.

NFTs have forever changed the art world. But we have still only scratched the surface of their potential. And the world has opened back up, so has the desire for physical experiences. NFTs should not just be digital art on screens.  

For :IRL / Imaginable Realities Crypto Art Week Asia and NFT agency Numomo invite artists to explore the potential of NFTs around New Media Arts and experiences. And we invite you to think about the merging of physical and digital realities.

We would like to inspire artists and collectors to think beyond the screen. To explore interactions with NFTs artworks in physical spaces. Reimagining what it means to be present. Blending or blurring the lines between reality and the physical. And exploring ways in how the viewer could participate in the artwork. Through this we hope artists to reimagine their practice, redefine what CryptoArt is by using the technology in innovative ways, and find new ways to reach audiences.

Applications are now open until June 15th 2022.

To apply go here

If you would like to sponsor us, or host the CAWA exhibition in your country please contact us here

Last year over 300 artists and tens of thousands of fans came together at 6 physical locations and in 50 virtual galleries for Asia's biggest ever Crypto Art event.

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