Andreas Ivan

A Digital Nomad living in Asia for the last 12 years, been exploring and experimenting with surrealism and minimalism. Winner of 2 Reddot Awards and Creator of the first NFT collectibles on the asian market "Smoochies", website of the works can be seen here:
I was born in an artistic family where both of my parents caught the eye of worldwide curators, this created a mental pressure on my own path. But I found my own way in making something new, something "digital", hence my journey in 3D started. I graduated in architectural engineering and before graduating I was awarded with 2 Reddot awards before the age of 25. This kickstarted my path into not only 3D but also product designing. Today I am creative consultant for various A-listed companies in Asia but deep within my heart I am still this digital artist that was trying to impress his parents, this is my work and my practice.
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