Chicco Ramos

I am a painter from the Philippines and my concept focuses on taking interest in places, particularly, the layout and floor plans of rooms: enclosed spaces which have a personal connection in my daily life. I find interest in these everyday spaces that are normally taken for granted, yet it is where most people find themselves in, and nowadays, make the most memories. Floor plans such as my room, my family's house, and other rooms of my home are illustrated in my own way to express the importance of these places which hold a lot of memories. My paintings are presented in a way that these floor plans are replicated multiple times to reflect my familiarity of these spaces which I have been living in, day in day out. I create art with this idea and I use locations that have and will produce significant experiences as my subject.
I start my NFT portfolio with my "Setting Series." This black and white series is focused on the materials that surround me: objects that I grew up with that once had purpose. These are snippets — documented parts of my room where some objects still have use today, and some ignored and collecting dust.I first wanted these spaces of my room to be painted on large canvases, but digitally rendering them felt more intimate as a process, like a practice in understanding the elements that make a whole, as if looking at pieces under a microscope.
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