Korea, South


Night photographer / digital artist from South Korea. Wonders around cities to shoot the perfect moments, hunt down rooftops to capture breath taking city scapes from sky scrapers to bring my dreams into reality.For my detailed bio, please swing by my portfolio website which is the url below.https://jongchanhan8.wixsite.com/cloudy/about
My works are based on the photographs I take. I normally walk around the street till I capture enough works or till camera batteries dies, edit them on Adobe Lightroom & photoshop and edit them with what I feel like with the pieces. I minted still shots and the ones I call "Motion picture series" and I work on them on Adobe After Effects. Usually takes around a week ~ a month to finish.I had a dream of becoming camera person or movie producer when I was young but I wasn't able to achieve that dream so I'm making my motion pictures and as well as my still shots feel like they're straight out of a movie.
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