Devan Suresh

Devan Suresh is an Indian artist and designer exploring different depths of visual design by bringing a core connection between the visual composition and its sincere emotion.
My journey of struggles and my hard work on being a musician/artist, I was able to analyse and observe different perspectives, culture and lifestyles of the people I associated with. After completing my Bachelor's Degree in Design I was able to study and research on the different history of various art movements and its revolutionaries, one of them being Salvador Dali, a legendary Spanish artist who influenced and provoked my thoughts on how Dali was able to use bizarre yet abstract elements to various deep concepts of life and existence.I immediately started experimenting with my findings and knowledge on conceptual art in 2D illustrations at the beginning, which immediately connected to many other artists and other people in my circle. Soon after, I was approached by various musicians to design their music artworks. Where the musicians were able to tell me the story, concept and purpose of their music which was immediately sketched out by me using elements that had a direct yet deep connection to the concept. From the basic sketch I was able to communicate and visualize the final product with my client and myself, which also helps me understand what all softwares or techniques are required to execute it. Finally I lay the process down as steps of construction on my board with a timeline for each step. And I also make sure I listen to the artists music or understand their personality every now and then before I continue with the work. This is my work history and process that I follow till now.
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