Korea, South

E Reum

My name is E Reum.I am an artist based in Korea.I talk about the light given to us.
About the authorI majored in film because I thought that visual media dealing with images could be an important factor in deciding the frame for viewing life for us living in the present age, and now I am talking about light by combining photography with various media as a basic medium. The reason for talking about light based on photography is that 'Photograph', a picture of light, can come closer to the essence of light, and approaching the essence of light is in contact with one's existence.PHENOMENON The PHENOMENON series, a new one of NAME series made by NFT, is a work asking how it is possible to exist in the metaverse.The world of metaverse and all the works made by NFT in it are finally existed through the monitor. We actually have a relationship with the work in the monitor that does not actually relate to us and does not exist, even so the monitor is real. This is possible through the light from the monitor, which is a luminous body. Through this light, reality and virtuality can connect each other. The phenomenon is actually revealed and is an external expression of the essence. In that sense, the PHENOMENON series is expressed through a photo process that changes from negative to positive by shining light, and this reminds us that it is light that connects the two worlds, telling us that there is something that is invisible but exists as an essence behind what we see. It also indicates that the object of reality can be changed through the relationship between existence, in other words, that what exists in reality may not be real or that what exists in virtual may be real. It means that the existence of being can exist through a whole relationship beyond being alone. As if the name exists in a relationship.Doodle SeriesWhen is existence shining?Perhaps that moment is not a time for me to live by itself, knowing the reason for existence, not as a purpose.The Name Series is a story that my existence can exist not when I am alone, but when I am in the perfect relationship between me and you.The Doodle Series is the story of meeting me and me in me, taking one step further in the relationship between me and you.I think 'life as being' is a journey to get to know and find the things engraved to the world of 'heart' in the 'light' that is restored to time.In that 'heart', that all the moments what I like and hate, and why I like and hate through my skin, eyes, ears and lips touches, are engraved. In the Doodle Series, the marks engraved on my heart are expressed.Doodle starts from me and ends to me.Through that time, I meet myself in me.I meet you again through that meeting.
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