Eito Asano
Eito Asano is a Japanese / medical student / crypto artist, based in the UK.I explores the world of 'Yokai' - Japanese folklore monsters, through 'Ukiyo-e'.My main aim is to spread our culture and tradition to the outside world, and make people smile with comical yokai stories.
Ukiyo-e is a traditional Japanese prints - hand-paint and woodblock. Woodblock prints allowed mass-production of art, where only the first print has real 'value' in the art market. In modern days, digital art allowed audiences to easily save the data. For this reason, digital artist struggled establishing values in their works. I believe NFT can provide values in digital art similar to how Ukiyo-e artists established their value in mass-produceable art - by signing the first copy or to have a proof of 'the first edition'.
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