Himanshu sharma

I am based out of Delhi, i am passionate about landscapes/cultures - all my artworks are wrapped around my experiences and emotions. I am also a wedding photographer by day to pay my bills but i am strongly inclined towards other character of my photography. My digital name articulates an individual who has high moral standards and roam around to different terrain in search of experiences and storytelling. My photos represent me as whole and how i wanted to be perceived by my audience. Different cultures of this land fascinates me and intrigues me more to venture in them, invest my time there so that i can represent the best of myself with my pieces. I have a dream that my audience should be enraptured about being in that moment and place.
My thought process behind every click is to embrace my imagination and emotions which I can project onto my audience so that they keep themselves in my shoes and feel what I have felt at that moment and live that sentiment, clicking moments and providing them a story is my way of practising my skill. My long term goal with my art is to create a corridor with my photography pieces which can inspire and combat apathy for my audience, aspiring my patrons with my art and skills is what I am striving for in my journey.
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