Horo Mox

Born in the limitless landscapes of remote uranium mining fields on the border of two countries that are not on the map anymore. Providing viewers with painting and poetry, anywhere and anytime. Featured at VivaTech, TFHMF Award, JCE Biennale, Salon de Montrouge, Art Capital
In our early childhood we used to play in the middle of a road in my native village, precisely in the middle of an earthen road crossing. That was the only place providing enough of nice sand for our sandcastles. It was a calm and secure location, as we saw only one or two vehicles a day passing by.What interesting about sandcastles is that there are two stages, both providing exceptional fun, but in quite a different manner: the one of construction and another one of destruction. While building castles I was often surprised by the fact that I was especially aware of and even longing for the upcoming unavoidable demolition. It doesn't really matter who brings the castle down - you or your mate - the mix of feelings is absolutely unique and exhilarating: awe, joy, sadness, regret, relief, a glimpse of continuity and infinity, and finally a spark of freedom.Later, during my monastic years I found exactly the same ashes-to-ashes sensations in the phases of conception and dissolution of Tibetan sand mandala exercise.My today's demolishing paintings try to reproduce both stages of these previous experiences. Computers are helpful: the same sandcastle is crashable infinite number of times - the sand limbo
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