Inured Agamic

I as name-less, as face-less, as ME; M·y E·xistenceBLACK, WHITE, GREY; COLOROIIO
The general idea of ​​my work is life; as an experience of being and value of existence versus non-existence, the value that makes one think about how to be, while we found the physical body for our emotional and psychological needs in a general system called nature, nature that does not end with our world and only keeps it in its fabric (the strings of time and space), now if we consider time as a limit to the capacity of meaning and space as a possibility for the existence (or creation) of meaning, we reach the suspended surface where we are somehow among the suspended beings who seek to belong Now if we only consider time, like a dream that can have a different spatial experience at any given moment (infinite meaning), And if we only consider space, like a unit in the infinity that can be anything or nothing, because in fixed time we have no change in nature and in a way, we are no different from a piece of dead dust (it, has no meaning in the infinite sense, just as it has no meaning in the emptiness) in fact, our only limitation is the space and time which is basically our capability And finally being human is an honor, one of the creatures created from the first split in two, who can think, choose, and be a creative creator; to be for being.. .
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