Jarrett Cross

Jarrett Cross is a multidisciplinary artist. He navigates the subconscious mind through his exploration on themes of nostalgia, psychedelia, humor, and pop culture. His visual works are inspired by classical, renaissance, baroque eras, and images from encyclopedias from his childhood that sets off ideas for exploration and experimentation. His immense interest in and practice of improvisation and automatism is his way of taking care of his mental well-being.
We are caught in an extraordinary era where uncertainty and anxiety are more conventional truths to live by. In this time, I find myself creating these works freely—-without necessarily having a figure in mind. The process is cathartic as I surrender to an automatistic state. The works somehow reveal to me both microscopic chemical reactions and the macroscopic view of our galaxies. I rest in the vastness of truths these images reveal, there is still much greatness beyond that meets the eye.
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