Jo Ho & Emily May (archiGAN)

archiGAN is a collaborative project initiated in 2020 by Jo Ho and Emily May exploring the collaboration between man and machine. Jo & Emily use machine learning frameworks, more specifically GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks) for image production and GPT-2 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 2) for text production, to create base content into which they weave stories and meaning.With their archiGAN content on Instagram as the foundation of this project , Jo and Emily complement GAN-created images with written speculative fiction to frame these otherwise alien images in an often satirical architectural and science-fictional lens. They often speculate on intent and meaning in art, especially while thinking of the role of the creator, whether man or machine, when producing a work of art .
Emily and I (Jo) work together from London and Singapore respectively, co-creating works that work with machine learning to craft visual images that explore worldbuilding in alternate ways. Since we started this project during the lockdowns in our respective cities, most of our work in 2020 have been shown online, with the exception of a video work that were included in two gallery shows in Venice, Italy in October of 2020.
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