Korea, South


My Ultimate art direction is Recovery of Identity. We quickly sink by daily routine, people, reality, and so on. Finding and catching some images, texts, feelings around me are significant because those make me alive and keep me thinking who I am. Artworks are deal with complicated emotions, pain, or unrealistic feelings by using the character 'Volo' and others with geometric elements. It might sound gloomy but cute, or it might be bright but a little scary. I've spent few years unaware of mental illness. I think it's a period of losing myself. And after a lot of time, I noticed how important to know myself and to listen to my inner voice. Reorganizing my arts is the process of embracing and acknowledging my inner young child. Furthermore, I must be happy if you think 'I was not alone.' through my pictures.
I mix hand drawing and digital drawing both when I work. Characters in artwork represent specific emotion which are meet other characters and make various stories.
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