Thobie Buntaran (b. 1993) under an alias Loreng is an audiovisual artist and graphic designer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.He is co-founder of Bast Cultura collective and also organizes an underground party series in Yogyakarta, Java Heat Neo Tropica, and Bobbins. He released an EP "Kanon" on the FunctionLab label from Hangzhou, China in early July 2020.Strongly stimulated by HNRG music despite the diverse genres, he provokes every persistent benchmark that is already established in his local scene. Now He is also focusing on producing music and design with an ambition to deliver his ideas and concept of creating an alternate universe that illustrates the post-apocalyptic epoch which is also the main theme and narration of his series: Java Heat Neo Tropica and Santuari Studio.
I create visuals and sounds in a way that interconnects each other and embodies a crossover between several disciplines.Well, I created my works in quite multiple mediums of practice like 3D models, graphic design, installation, sound design, video art, and digital painting. Despite the diverse medium, its concept still shares the same ideas and visions.
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