Matt Vegh
Matt Vegh is a Canadian Abstract and AI artist based in Chengdu, China where he became the very first foreigner in that city to obtain a Chinese Green Card. Retired editor of Chengdu Daily newspaper (now known as, the Sichuan Travel Guide Magazine and author of the graphic novel series SXd Middle Kingdom, he began painting in the summer of 2015 and selling his work January 2017. Since Jan 2017 he has sold 457 original works of art. His very first NFT artwork sale was the work entitled Rebuilding the Tower of Babel (which was the world's very first community-minted NFT), which sold for 16.1 ETH on Opensea. His Mosaic Cryptocurrency work was started in late 2016 and completed in early 2017 and is one of the world's very first physical Cryptocurrency related works of original art, which was documented and showcased at the 2017 Chengdu International Design and Creativity Week in which the artist won his first Golden Panda International Design Award adjudicated by iF Germany, one of the world's leading design firms.
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