Nukie Timtiman

I make poetic & dreamy artworks about life and its moments. Photographer and painter for 10 years.
my work revolves around the theme; life. I love to make artworks that helps make people feel understood, recognize a part of their lives that they never paid attention, or even memories and moments in life. i do photography and painting, i practice almost virtually everyday so i could leave my shots unedited, i respect the craft so much that i do want to master the fundamentals. in painting, i switched back to this one after we got another lockdown, there's no way i can continue shooting so i needed a new art field to release my energy through, after all i needed a new photography style this year (i try to reinvent myself every year, there's more of that in my website. i am very open to almost all forms of art, i do see value in letting myself feel things from different artworks and letting it influence as i know, it will help me get better as an artist.
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