Artist and Director of TV animation and Movie trailers. My NFT Art uses traditional Japanese black ink "Sumi" and digital technology "3D" to express my concept. The fusion of old and new technologies produces a mismatch of materials and becomes a new expression. This technique helps me to express the "Invisible", which is the concept of my work. I've been making media art "moving black ink painting" since 2010. This is a work that the picture (Endless Video)is moving inside the frame. it is used an originally developed "application”. I am challenging to create a new value by giving a permanent existence value as a "thing" to the temporary existence of "video".
I worked in filmmaking for long time. I am a director and CG creator of animation, movie trailers and TV commercials. My production methods are I come up with the direction of the video by myself and actually create the effects and CG by myself. When I directed the "Transformers: Robots in Disguise" ED, it was a valuable experience. I gained experience as a director of animation and movie trailers. In 2010, I started working on my media art project called "moving sumi-e" at the same time I was making films.
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