PixelStans are the first NFT dedicated to Stanley Ho and Macao. The father of modern gambling in China, Stanley Ho, passed away at the age of 98. The Godfather of Macao casinos left behind not only a fortune but also a four-decade monopoly.The PixelStans collection captures the flamboyant billionaire over the years. A fixed set of 98 unique, one of a kind pixel art, has been released to celebrate Stanley Ho's 98 years of life. Every PixelStan was handmade, with one of them being animated!The collection has been featured in the reputable Macau Business magazine:
The collection focuses on Stanley Ho as a way to promote the digital crypto-asset wave in Macau and Asia, as the flamboyant billionaire was a polarizing figure for decades. The casino tycoon is recognized worldwide, a Non-fungible tokens and digital art collection dedicated to him will shine a light on Macau
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