Riniifish basically create bugs. By relying on the series of fantasies, she tells the story of her creative process to find the much-needed freedom and security to heal the potted plants and graves she has shaped inside. Her M7 Planet series has been invited to exhibit in many countries, including NFT Art Berlin in Germany, Shinwa Digital Art Week 2022 in Japan, USA, Singapore and Spain.
I am Riniifish. I like very delicate looking, small objects, creatures, bugs. for some people it's not an “epic" or “boss“ vibe, in Chinese it's like not “大气“, but I think maybe having these "small" qualities makes me feel very secure and makes me feel like I can control or know how to place them without being extra. I think it might be a psychological problem. After I started creating digital art, at first I only created a sleepy looking girl and a depressed looking fish man. They always showed up at the same time, sometimes the girl was a representation of my happiness, and sometimes the fish-man was a character depicting my sadness and hopelessness. One day they gradually settled down in M7 Planet, and the bugs just showed up.
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