Roxie Ren
Roxie Ren is a new media artist and creator of AI-generated art. Roxie Ren is a new media artist. She received a bachelor's degree from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts in 2019 and a master's degree in interaction design from the University of the Arts London in 2021. Her interactive works of new media have been exhibited at V&A Art Gallery in London, UK, London Design Week, and Electronic Arts Festival in Linz, Germany.
My works often use 3D software, computer Programming, and AI machine learning as the medium, some works are done in cross-border cooperation, such as with scientists and programmers. I love to combine digital and physical media to discuss social topics from a perceptual and poetic perspective, thinking about the relationship between the Anthropocene, science and technology, and the origin of natural materials. My research themes for the past three years have focused on the ecology of the Anthropocene under the influence of postmodern technology, and the body from a cyberfeminist perspective. This year, I will continue to pay attention to the changes brought by technology to society, and I have begun to pay more attention to physics. Among them, the project I just started in July is to study quantum art, which I expect to continue for a year.
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