Rukmunal Hakim

Rukmunal Hakim (b. 1983) is a self-taught artist and illustrator based in South Tangerang, Indonesia. He takes inspirations from all living, natural creatures and personal anecdotes in his monochromatic visual artworks.Born with color blind condition do not stop him to keep creating and experimenting with artworks using color, both digital and traditional. But most of his artworks is well known with B/W and monochromatic.His works have been exhibited in Jakarta, Bandung, Japan and the Netherlands, among others
My body of work is about many things that happen every day around me. About myself as well as about other people, in many ways, the story starts from what I feel and then I find a common thread with other people. From there I found that we all have a lot in common about something precious and fragile at the same time.
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