Korea, South


My name is Sehee Chae, and I am currently working as a freelance illustrator in Korea.I mainly work and have been working in the advertising and publishing field for 7 years now.I particularly like drawing girls and nature, so I try to illustrate them with a special sensibility, and also express them with a unique color palette that is not seen in everyday life.I'm inspired by Japanese animation and city pop culture from the 80s, which helps me constantly work on reinterpreting color in my art.
for NFT artwork, I am working on a collection of animations titled "'80s Sonyeo", or "'80s Girl" (Sonyeo being the term for 'girl' in Korean).These pieces were minted in "Opensea", and are being sold as png still images as well as gif animations. These works are in the form of 2D animation, and after hand sketching, it is done using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.
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