Ting Song
AI and crypto artist, Chinese first NFT auctioned by traditional art auction house(Guardian)'s artist
Non-existent PionyDigital painting and NFTThe artist collaborated with the artificial intelligence model on and under the blockchain to generate the color plane in this work. She also inserted the opening lyrics of Peony Pavilion as well as contemporary people's interest for classics in 2021 by encrypting those into data fragments in sha1 language.Air quality: Poem Flowers and star's kingdomTing Song AI-human collaborated digital painting and NFTI selected exact data flow from Dhaka's air quality and community mobility change released on the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. And I draw the flow with GAN' tuning. I want to express the influence on nature made by machines and humans. I also want human beings to pursue a harmonious coexistence between humans themselves (with their machines) and nature.I made it on blockchain so t will not be deleted and that AI-Human collaboration with fantasy will be remembered forever
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