Ting Song
Artist Ting Song specializes in using blockchain technology and incorporating adversarial generative neural networks for extensive training practice. The themes include contemporary philosophical speculation about science and technology, the future history of science fiction, and traditional Chinese national art. She focuses on on-chain AI, neuromorphic computing, and information technology philosophical topics. Her 2020 individual exhibition “The Re-cyborg Cathedral and Bazaar” is China’s first-ever blockchain-based AI art exhibition featuring artwork created by algorithms and humans. Her work has been exhibited at Latitude Gallery and Time Gallery in New York, Arsenale di Venezia Italy, as well as in Portugal, Spain, Venezuela and many other countries.
Here are some of my experiences: 2020 Annual Crypto Artist by CCVALUE 2021 The only Asian artist speaker at Vogue's inaugural NFT Forum. 2021 Forbes 30 under 30 artist by Forbes China 2021 Gen.T x Chanel Artist award by Chanel Arts&Culture and Gen.T 2021 NFT Leader of the Year by ChainDD 2021 Blockchain Industry Opinion Leader of the Year by PANews 2022, she participated in the curation of 2022 Art Dubai's first NFT exhibition 2022 First Chinese artist in NVIDIA's Global AI Art Gallery (13 artists worldwide) 2022 Only Asian juror for Porsche NFT Innovation Week 2022 speaker at NFT NYC 2022 Solo Exhibition in New York, Re-cyborg Art History: Physical for Digital
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