Hong Kong

Ya Chin Chang

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ya Chin now lives and works in both Hong Kong and New York City. Trained in the 19th century academic classical tradition, Ya Chin paints in oil, draws in graphite, and illustrates in digital pixels. Ya Chin is inspired by everyday objects, moments and the mash of cultures around her. She explores concepts within our shared human experience to create inclusive layered work for any viewer to complete. Her work can be intricate or simple, hoping to lend an invisible hand of empathy through whimsy and a little nostalgia.
Aiming for her art to be accessible to all people, Ya Chin's creations invite the viewer to interact with the work: they are meant to be experiences that are layered and nuanced. The pieces are unfinished without the viewer’s projections and interpretation. Her work is often presented within juxtapositions centered around the interaction of the physical world, conceptual and her inner world. Ya Chin's projects range from anthropomorphism of fruits and snacks in a 19th century aesthetic, pixelating oil paintings, and to pixel art of non-action females into animated gifs with lightsabers to give them the reverence deserving of an action hero.
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