Korea, South

yoonah jeon

Hello i am yoonah jeon. I was a digital creator since 2005 as I majored in graphic art and animation & interactive media. When i was in college i mostly created video artworks. And now I also create 3d and 2d graphic artworks for Nfts. The main theme here is to capture the moment of human feeling. Especially the inner state of mind is my major theme. I do animation with flow but also create humans meme to emphasize that particular feelings, sensibility. We as human continuously create endless thoughts, but in form of art, it is always the outer appearance looks to convey. For my most works, i am trying to interpret the complex state of mind of human awareness.
I am also an artist in physical world, which am holding an offline exhibition on 16-26 of june in seoul. So i can say i bridge the world of on and offline world.I have majored animation & interactive media in college, and worked as ux designer at major korea design firm. That was my past experience, now i create 3d nft works, based on supersensory topic like, human ability in nature, zen etc.
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