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Everything you wanted to know from a collector but were too afraid to ask

Day 2: Saturday

July 10, 2021

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Cao Yin

Managing Director & Collector
Digital Renaissance Foundation

CaoYin is the Managing Director of Digital Renaissance Foundation, a VC firm based in Estonia and China, founding member of VulcanDao, the first cryptoart collection fund in China. He is one of the earliest pioneers of DeFi and NFT in Asia. He is famous for his groundbreaking and enlightening role for Cryptoart in China. As an angel investor, he has invested lots of famous NFT projects, including Superrare, Mintbase, Unifty, Pianity, Efinity and others. He is also the earliest Cryptoart collector in China, has collected lots of works of bluechip artists, like Robbie Barrat, Fewocious and Osinachi.

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