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The Cultural Impact of NFTs

Day 1: Friday

July 9, 2021

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Colin Goltra

Director of Southeast Asia at Binance
Narra Gallery, First Mint Fund

Colin Goltra is a Filipino-American technologist and financier based in Metro Manila and has been actively participating in the global Cryptocurrency movement since 2013.  He currently serves as the Director of Southeast Asia at Binance, the world's largest Cryptocurrency platform, where he is focused on expanding markets, access, and infrastructure for Crypto throughout the Philippines & Southeast Asia.

Colin is an avid collector of NFT-based Crypto Art and an active proponent of Filipino self-empowerment in the Crypto-Metaverse.  Along with Gabby Dizon, Colin co-created the Narra Gallery, a virtual gallery space and cultural capital fund meant to help bridge the divide between the Philippines and the crypto world.  His thoughts on the Crypto Art movement have also been featured globally in 'The Wall Street Journal,' 'The New York Times Magazine,' as well as numerous other crypto and NFT ecosystem publications.

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