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Day 7: Thursday

July 15, 2021

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Chief Visionary Art Director at Pixelcraft Studios

First Ecuadorian ambassador to bring cutting edge blockchain based projects from the crypto valley, along with the Blockchain On Tour Initiative (2018), which included Status, Dether, Swarm City, APPICS, Giveth & Etherisc.

First Ecuadorian cryptoartist, raredigitalartist, digitalartist that creates & sells art using Non-Fungible Tokens - NFTs - on the blockchain daily.

First creator of my country to issue its own creators token - PIXEL - on Roll social money app.

First Ecuadorian to be a core founder team member from a game-changer NFT + DeFi + Gaming innovative project such as Aavegotchi.

Living in creation mode.

Play to create.

Award-winning open innovator that have created ideas, designs & artworks for global brands and organizations such as Victorinox Swiss Army, Audi AG, Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom AG, Telekom, T-Systems, Vodafone, Jägermeister, Bild, Coca Cola, Cisco Systems, Benga, BG Berlin, edding International GmbH, WWF, Greenpeace, Transparency International, Henkel, Pril, Festool, Vernel, Diebold Nixdorf, Renault, Wodka Gorbatschow, Duoc UC School of Design, DB Mobility Logistics AG, Lindt & Sprüngli, Nivea, THOMY, Bibop, TARGOBANK AG, Continental AG, Bonaverde, PIN Mail AG, Yourfone.de, Unicef, Standford Innovation Lab, Berliner, DAB, FAIRTRADE, Axel Springer AG, JOOP, apetito, mobile.international GmbH, VfL Wolfsburg-FuBall GmbH, Astra, Hansgrohe AG, PAYBACK, Fleurop AG, Colgate-Palmolive GmbH, Purina, Veltins, Knorr, Microsoft, Betahaus, New Castle, Bitbop, Dash, Immobilien Scout GmbH, Universität St. Gallen, Stabilo, stern.de GmbH, SATURN, Nestlé Deutschland AG, DERTOUR GmbH & Co. KG, Opel, Dynamite Foods GmbH, Paypal, MyEtherWallet, ETHFINEX, Status Holdings Pte. Ltd, Member of Open Innovation Hubs as ForeWork, Future of Banking, Future of Food and more.

Woke on Bitcoin & Ethereum in late 2016, since then I jumped deep into the rabbit hole to bring this ecosystem to mass adoption in the my country(Ecuador) & region (LatAm).

In 2020 I decided to start over again from scratch, from nothing, starting from the pixel, the basic minimum unit of everything in the metaverse, in our digital multiverse realm.

I love to play to create, to experiment, to learn, always inspired by the infinite possibilities of the future, to create it, to build it, to share it.

Freedom, beauty, love, fun, happiness & the future are the basic energies that move my creations, the joy of life itself.

Creator / Designer / Cryptoartist / Pixelartist
Pixelcraft Studios Chief Visionary / Art Director
Core Founder Summoner of Aavegotchi
Founder of $PIXEL social money
Creator of CryptoDrinks™

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