Xue Bo Building, No.83 Wen Yi West Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China
BLOCK SQUARED (also referred Block2) is a joint venture between EthFans, China's largest Ethereum community, and Spark pool, the world’s largest Ethereum mining pool, which aims to build a blockchain technology community with a spirit of exploration.
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The NFT market is expanding at a high speed. Cryptoart, collectibles, IP, games, and virtual land have enormous potential to tap into However, many people start to learn about NFTs from cryptoart because crypto artists crave exploring the world and expressing their view with their work. Is it possible that cryptoart starts an art revolution in the digital era? On July 10, Mynft and CryptoArt Week Asia (CAWA) will co-host an NFT-themed meetup in Hangzhou, China. We can hardly wait to see what amazing ideas NFT and blockchain enthusiasts will share!