Dragon City

"Metaverse Labs" is a leading development team focus in Metaverse. Metaverse Labs is dedicated to building an open virtual home. The team is currently developing and operating the DragonCity community in Decentrland, and is also deploying and practicing in other emerging virtual , we are willing to provide a free virtual exhibition venue for CAWA2.0. DragonCity will not accept commercial works that are being sold or auctioned.幻境实验室是一个专注于Metaverse(元宇宙)领域的开发团队,致力于为未来的虚拟世界公民建造一个开放包容的虚拟家园。团队目前在Decentralnd虚拟世界平台开发运营龙城社区,同时也正在其他正在兴起的虚拟世界布局和实践。 我们愿意为CAWA2.0免费提供虚拟展览场地,龙城展出作品中不会接受正在销售或拍卖的商业作品。

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Dragon City


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