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Galeria Paloma is a multi-genre art gallery and art advisory firm. Over twenty years professional experience informs Galeria Paloma's programme. Chiefly curating art exhibitions, the team has handled a wide range of artists at different points in their careers (from undergrads to established, old-guard masters) and genres ranging from different canvas media, sculpture, and this year, crypto art. Since the beginning of the team's careers in the art world, the objective has always been to make high-calibre art accessible. Our appreciation for art and our belief in its ability to transform and shift perspectives are motivations that propel us to make art accessible to the wider public. Galeria Paloma has focused on key actions: exhibitions, education, and empowerment. Our exhibitions are held in high foot traffic, public areas; educational, one-on-one conversations and collective discussions are assembled for the sharing of information on emerging topics in the field, such as blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital art; consultations are arranged on an individual or corporate level in the interest of personal or corporate asset management and social responsibility.
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