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6 Schleusenufer Berlin
imnotArt was founded in March of 2021 by a small group of individuals who had a desire to promote the NFT creator through immersive physical and digital experiences. Born in the "Metaverse," imnotArt has established itself as the go-to place for virtual gallery events and have since exhibited over 300 artists spanning 6 of the 7 continents. imnotArt hosts weekly events – called "Community Gallery" – and have built a burgeoning online community of NFT artists, programmers, collectors, and general crypto enthusiasts. Our physical gallery - imnotArt Chicago - is the first NFT gallery in Chicago, and the first fully integrated physical and digital gallery in the world. Created as a physical extension of our virtual gallery located in the Ethereum-based metaverse called Cryptovoxels, imnotArt will host frequent exhibitions with some of the biggest names across traditional and NFT art.

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imnotArt Community Gallery


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