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Don’t miss this performance by the talented NFT visual artist Sunjae Lee! He is a professional saxophonist who performs and records regularly & runs his own record label dedicated to free improvisation in Korea.

Welcome Speech by Moon

Be mesmerized by Faris Nasir’s (Kapten Buehbossa) Bubble Play performance. Using soap bubbles, Faris creates stunning cosmic visuals by utilising light and movement to sculpt new worlds. Faris is a multi-disciplinary artist creating music, visual arts & soul bubbles.

Meet the Artists : Melvin Hoyk, Wayne Chu, Gino, Cybernerdbaby, TJ Foo, Rociel

Meet the Artists: with Jason, Lau, Azarikh, Ewwith, Alexander

The environmental impact of NFTs is a topic that has left many to turn away from seeing the sustainability and importance of this space. In this panel we explore both sides of the argument, untangling the debate by adopting a more holistic lens. Join us with our panel to learn and discuss about the environmental implications of NFT and its ecosystems.

Mulo, Jiwo, Izealist, Chamology, Unreality, Fizah Rahim, Not-to-scale, Grafake.Charles

The potential of NFTs are boundless and their impact on realising and designing new spaces has yet to be untapped. This panel explores the relationship between digital art and architecture, how spaces that can be virtually occupied might be bought, rented or sold. Join us for this talk that features real life architects who are at the forefront of digital architectural development.

Meet the Artists - Greyowlz, Poh Sin

The duo - “Kicau-Bilau”, Irfan & Jihan will create soundscapes using guitar & angklung. The duo merges natural and man-made sounds, modern and traditional instruments, to generate emotionally engaging experiences. Join us for this unique musical show!

If you missed it, watch the talk here: Can we still show our artworks in public exhibition even if it’s already sold to a collector? What is the legal framework that governs crypto in Malaysia? The elephant of all elephants, are cryptocurrency gains taxable?

The NFXT panel is the first of many interesting talks set to take place throughout the week. This panel discusses the potential of NFTs, the journey of crypto artists and how the space has transformed the way artists create and collect.

Join us for the Opening Act Comedy Hour with Saiful Onisan who grew up in Japan where he caught the entertainment bug. He does comedy in three languages (English, Malay and Japanese). Saiful also runs events incorporating different performing art forms including music & comedy.