Meatspace Web3 Art Gallery

At the Meatspace gallery, you’ll be able to see cutting-edge art from some of our talented Filipino artists, both as physical pieces and as NFTs. Over the past year or so, the concept of ‘cyberspace’—or a world where we all interact with each other virtually—has gained increasing popularity. Cyberspace has even reached the art world, where trading NFTs digitally has become increasingly common. The increasing popularity of cyberspace is why it’s necessary to distinguish it from the physical world. Some might simply call it ‘the real world. For others, it is known as the ‘meatspace’. The MeatSpace art gallery will combine the best of meatspace and cyberspace and help Filipino artists fulfil their potential in both spaces. The gallery will provide assistance, for example, in creating both NFTs and displaying physical art in a public space. It will also ensure that every artist/piece is promoted through the gallery’s social media channels. We launched our first event last June 19, 2022, as a Meet and Greet event for both NFT and Traditional Art Communities. We found that the event was a success from the feedback of the participants and audiences. Our upcoming event will be our Grand Opening on August 7, 2022. We look forward to the participation of over 50 traditional and 20 digital artists. We have more upcoming exciting events, including educating the public about Crypto, NFT, and all that is on the metaverse.
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Meatspace Web3 Art Gallery


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