UltraSuperNew Gallery

168 Tyrwhitt Road, 207572, Singapore
UltraSuperNew Gallery is an interactive space that curates and brings together creatives from all backgrounds to ignite discovery, imagination, and conversation. It serves as a launchpad for experimental collaborations between artists, designers, and innovators alike. Supported by creative agency UltraSuperNew, we’re excited to be a catalyst in the ever-growing creative ecosystem of Asia. We aspire to challenge popular conventions, find fresh narratives, and help bring your creativity to life. Because at the end of the day, we’re just big fans of people making cool sh*t. In Singapore, we bring together creatives from different fields to push boundaries, creating a multi-disciplinary, experimental space in Singapore’s art scene.

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UltraSuperNew Gallery



Future Space

Virtual reality sorcery. AI-generated art. Immersive music performance with frickin’ laser beams. Singapore’sfirst NFT art showcase. FUTURE SPACE takes you on an epic journey into the metaverse. Open your eyes to an eye-opening showcase of cutting-edge digital artworks curated by Crypto Art Week Asia(CAWA). Immerse yourself in a jaw-dropping live performance of experimental sound and innovative visual production by radarboy3000, Mantravine and Mischief Makers that is Luminescence.